Is it really possible to become richer, happier, and more creative in just 25 rebellious minutes a day?

It sounds unbelievable, but this book challenges you to rebel against what the big tech companies have programmed you to do and reclaim your right as a sovereign creator.

In Create First, Consume Second, bestselling author Joshua Sprague reveals the antidote to consumption—a rebellious 25-minute morning ritual that will make you richer, happier, and more creative.

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ell me if this sounds familiar.


You wake up, roll over, grab your phone, and before you know it, you’re checking text messages, looking at emails, scrolling mindlessly through social media, or responding to a myriad of notifications that came through while you were sleeping.


In short, you’ve started your day consuming everyone else’s agenda—and you’ve only just woken up.


But what if we could reverse that?


What if—in just 25 rebellious minutes a day—we could turn the tide and start our day creating impactful products and content instead?


How would our lives, our businesses, our happiness change if we first added value to the world—before consuming anyone else’s agenda?

The world is engrossed by consumption. As authors and online business owners, this chronic consumption has devastating effects on our bank accounts, happiness, and creativity.


In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to step up and be a creator, not just a consumer.
  • Practical tools to access your highest states of creativity on demand.
  • How to convert your creativity into more money.
  • Finding your needle-movers so you can grow your business exponentially.
  • Powerful mindset shifts to make it effortless to create.
  • The Create First, Consume Second Framework: The 25-minute morning ritual that will alter your relationship to creativity—and your bank account.

I'm Ready to Create First, Consume Second.
Joshua Sprague on a boat


Joshua Sprague is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, skier, truth-seeker, and business minimalist.

Joshua is the creator of The 30 Day Book Writing Challenge™ which has helped over 10,000 students write high-quality non-fiction books really fast.

He helps authors, writers and online business owners write books they are wildly proud of while making more and working less.

His work has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, The Christian Science Monitor, The Rise To The Top, and more.

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